Wordbee: Translation Management System

Wordbee: Translation Management System

Wordbee is a web-based translation management system, an online collaborative platform for project management and Computer-Assisted Translation.

Main features includes: Collaborative Translation, Translation Management, Translation Memory, Financial management, Automated Workflows, and API Integration.

Collaborative features can bring all the participants, including translators, editors, subject matter experts, customers, partners, and providers into the online document interface. Moreover, proofreaders can start working before the translators are finished.

Translators work from centralized translation memory software in real-time. Two different translators working two different documents in the same project work in the same memory, useful for repetitions and consistency.

The client, Language Service Suppliers and all the parties involved in the process are part of the project community.

Wordbee features automated workflows and a centralized environment.

With the Wordbee Translation Management System, the project manager has become a facilitator => she/he builds the team, keeps it on track and assigns access to the linguistic resources required for the project. The project manager has a helicopter view over the whole project anytime and anywhere.

Issue tagging and comments: Translators and reviewers tag and insert comments in the editor thus helping translators in other languages who might otherwise face the same difficulties.

Team leaders can review and deliver key information in real-time throughout the localization food chain, allowing errors to be caught before the end of the cycle.

Global search facilities: Wordbee Translator allows a search of a specific term or a string of words through all the resources, documents, glossaries and databases resulting in the elimination of silos of knowledge.

Via the Joint Global Platform, clients can get directly involved in their own translation project, as a proofreader or validator.

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