Will the interpreter survive technology?

Will the interpreter survive technology?

TheĀ Mesay 3.0 translation computer was launched as a crowdfunding project earlier this week. The device, made by Mesay in Shenzhen, China, is the third edition of the Mesay translation computer, offering simultaneous two-way voice and text translation in 50 languages without the need for any apps.
Mesay had already introduced the Mesay and Mesay 2.0 in the last years, but Mesay 3.0 has a new design and offers WIFI and Hotspot support, while its double microphones must ensure that spoken words are recognized more accurately. According to the Indiegogo project page the crowdfunding project only needs $3,000 to get the project successfully funded; at the time of writing this review and blog the project was 60% funded already. The early bird price for one Mesay is $99, but the actual retail price will be $179.

To know more about it, click hereĀ Mesay 3.0 translation computer

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