What is new in SDL Trados Studio 2014?

What is new in SDL Trados Studio 2014?

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SDL Trados Studio 2014 is the new translation software from SDL. With new features of Studio 2014, SDL promises it will be “easier, faster, smarter”!

User Interface

SDL Trados Studio 2014 adopts familiar “Microsoft Office-like” look & feel. It features a ribbon-style toolbar, which provides quick access to tools, features and help resources.


According to SDL, the new features include:


SDL Trados Studio enables the merging of translatable files at any time and at any stage of the translation process.
– Open multiple files and merge as one for translation
– Save time by translating and running quality assurance over several files at the same time
– On completion, Studio automatically reverts the merged components back to their original files

Automatic Concordance

Leverage more from your translation memories by using SDL Trados Studio Automatic Concordance search.
– When no match is found for the current source segment, Studio automatically performs concordance search
– The partial matches you get from the concordance search can help with your translation
– The maximum number of matches available is 99


SDL Trados Studio automatically saves your translation work so you don’t have to worry if you forget to.
– The AutoSave features helps you restore lost documents
– AutoSave is configurable, you can set how often your document to be saved

SDL Studio InQuote

Use SDL Studio InQuote to create a job quote using a work analysis of any Studio project.
– Add rates by a simple word analysis, standard lines or grouped analysis
– Generate quotes in MS Word, MS Excel or copy to clipboard to paste straight into an email
– Use your own customized quote templates
– Available as a app from SDL OpenExchange www.sdl.com/openexchange


Use SDL Trados Studio to edit your SDLXLIFF files to suit your needs.
– Generate new SDLXLIFF files containing only the segments you want
– Change the status of or lock/unlock segments based on specific criteria
– Search and replace text across files and projects using text or Regex
– Available as an app from SDL OpenExchange www.sdl.com/openexchange



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