TransTools For Microsoft Word

TransTools For Microsoft Word

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TransTools for Word is a special add-in for Microsoft Word. It brings you a collection of useful commands which will make you more productive and will allow you to get through routine operations much faster.

All commands are fully undoable through Microsoft Word’s Undo command.

Features overview:

  • Quality Assurance: replace regular spaces with non-breaking spaces in several common scenarios (as in “5 m3” to prevent wrapping to a new line and thus avoiding confusion), find overlooked text in the source document’s language, search the document for a list of common mistakes, etc.
  • Document Cleaner: format documents produced by OCR software (e.g. Nuance OmniPage, ABBYY FineReader, etc) to make them easier to translate and reduce tags in CAT software.
  • CAT software users – boost your productivity even further: hide specific portions of documents before importing them into CAT tools (for translating parts of a document), manually clean parts of a document, locate uncleaned text, etc.
  • Prepare dual-language documents: turn source documents into side-by-side dual-language documents that can be translated manually or imported into your CAT tool of choice.
  • Localise numbers: quickly format numbers (currency and decimals) to adapt their format to that of the target language.
  • Fix document formatting: replace excessive spaces with a single space or another character of your choice to facilitate translation in CAT software.
  • Miscellaneous tools: remember and go back to a section in the document, insert pre-defined symbols, etc.
  • Make a number of replacements at once: create replacement lists and process the document using them. Excellent for pre-translating common documents such as automatically generated reports, etc.

How does it work?

Once installedTransTools for Word adds new items to Microsoft Word menus:

  • Word 2003 or earlier: TransTools menu item and TransTools toolbar at the top of the application window as shown below.TransTools for Word menu

    TransTools for Word toolbar

  • Word 2007 or later: TransTools Add-In group under Add-Ins tab as shown below.TransTools Add-In group in Word 2007 or later

You can run any command by choosing it from TransTools menu / toolbars as shown above. In Microsoft Word 2003 or earlier you can also associate any command with a key combination to save time. In Microsoft Word 2007 or later you can right-click any command in TransTools Add-In group and choose ‘Add to Quick Access Toolbar’ to make it easily accessible.

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