Translating SDL Trados projects in memoQ

Translating SDL Trados projects in memoQ

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SDL Trados is one of the more popular translation tools besides memoQ. memoQ provides interoperability with SDL Trados 2007 and SDL Trados Studio 2009. Using memoQ you can accept jobs in SDL Trados Tageditor’s TTX format, SDL Trados Translator’s Workbench’s bilingual DOC/RTF format, or SDL Trados 2011 SDLXLIFF files and packages. SDL Trados 2007 does not accept all segmentation and can crash on files segmented by other translation tools, therefore prior to opening a file it is advised to pre-segment the file using a demo or paid-up version of SDL Trados 2007. You can do this by opening Translator’s Workbench, creating or opening an empty translation memory, clicking Tools/Translate and enabling the Segment unknown sentences checkbox, then running a pre-translation. If you don’t pre-segment the files, memoQ will import an empty file by default. You can click Add document as and select Import unsegmented content, however, be careful with this – we cannot guarantee that SDL Trados will accept the file translated this way. Thousands of translators and companies are using memoQ to process SDL Trados jobs. Many language service providers are using the memoQ server to add teamwork capabilities while translating SDL Trados jobs. This is a reliable solution.

Translation memories from SDL Trados can be imported in TMX format. If you use TMX 1.4b, and your translation memories come from a tagged document such as HTML or XML, memoQ will also perform a tag conversion which goes beyond what’s described in the standard. This tag conversion is specifically targeted at converting SDL Trados tags into memoQ tags.

memoQ, just like SDL Trados Studio 2009, supports XLIFF as a bilingual format, and the two systems are interoperable through XLIFF. You cannot export a memoQ file in SDL Trados Studio 2009 into the underlying format such as Microsoft Word, and you cannot export an SDLXLIFF file in memoQ into Microsoft Word either.

In a server scenario you cannot expect memoQ to connect to an SDL Trados server. Server technologies are, unfortunately, not interoperable. This is, however, a rare scenario and most translation companies are not expected to translate online.

memoQ-prepared projects can also be processed by SDL Trados 2007 and SDL Trados Studio 2009 through XLIFF.


Among others, memoQ is known for its interoperability with other CAT tools. Join this webinar and experience how easily you can translate SDL Trados® and Wordfast® and other translation package formats.

Watch those two videos to learn more about memoQ interchangeability features:



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