Terminotix Toolbar vs. IntelliWebSearch

Terminotix Toolbar vs. IntelliWebSearch


The Terminotix toolbar integrates into MS Word 2007 or 2010 only. You can setup the search languages and other settings under the Setup button to customize the toolbar.

Here is the list of the resources available: LogiTerm, Termium, Grand Dictionnaire Terminologique, OnTerm, UnTerm, IATE, WTO, FAOTERM, Terminav, Collins, Larousse, Microsoft Language Portal, LEO, Dict.cc, Termite, Kamusi, Usito, TOTALrecall, TransSearch 3, WeBiText, Linguee, TAUS, CAEN, OED, MLP, Glosbe, Dictionnaires des cooccurrences, Clefs du français pratiques, ConjugArt, Synonym Dictionary, Online Etymology Dictionary, Conjugart, Microsoft Bing, Portage, and your own online resources!

To download the toolbar, simply click on the following link Terminotix Toolbar. Once the file is downloaded, double click it and the toolbar will install itself automatically in MS Word.

To download the user manual, click on the following link: User Manual.



IntelliWebSearch is a freeware application designed to save translators and terminologists time when searching the web.

IntelliWebSearch is an AutoHotkey script compiled with Ahk2Exe.

Pressing a convenient shortcut key combination (CTRL+ALT+B by default, but this may be changed by the user):

  1. copies highlighted text from a Windows application (MS Word, Déjà Vu, SDLX, etc.) by simulating the copy function shortcut key combination (CTRL+C by default);
  2. strips the text of paragraph marks, line breaks, tabs, double spaces, punctuation marks and various other superfluous characters (customizable);
  3. opens your default browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc.) and sends the copied text to one of up to fifty user preset search engines, on-line dictionaries or on-line encyclopaedias together with other customizable instructions which limit the search according to the advanced search options available for the engine/dictionary/encyclopaedia chosen. Alternatively it can send the same text and instructions to local dictionaries on CD-ROM or installed on your hard disk.

Another convenient shortcut key combination (CTRL+ALT+C by default) copies any text highlighted in your browser or local dictionary and returns to the original application, where you can choose to paste it in using the application’s own paste function (usually CTRL+V).

IntelliWebSearch is designed to be highly customizable, and to work (in theory) with any browser and any Windows application that has a copy function which can be accessed through a shortcut key combination.

Click here to download IntelliWebSearch version 3.2.


Watch this video comparing Terminotix Toolbar and IntelliWebSearch  (by CATguru):

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