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The goal of the TermBase eXchange format (TBX) is to provide a common format to share glossaries between tools.

Many CAT tools support importing and/or exporting of TBX glossaries as a method of interchangeability with other CAT tools such as Across, SDL Multiterm, and Wordfast Pro.


You can open and translate TBX files in Virtaal.

You can convert TBX glossaries to other formats such as tab-delimited *.txt files or TMX files using ApSIC Xbench.

1. In Xbench, go Project > New.
2. Click Add and select TBX.
3. Click Next, select your TBX files, and OK.
4. Click Next twice, then select your languages, and click OK.
5. Click OK to close the Project Properties dialog.

1. In Xbench, go Tools > Export Items.
2. Select “All items”
3. Under “Format”, choose “TMX” and determine the source and target languages (e.g. EN-US and FR-FR), OR choose “Tabbed Text file”.
4. Browse for a target “File name”.
5. Click OK.

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