Removing duplicate entries in a TM

Removing duplicate entries in a TM

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You can use Okabi Olifant for removing duplicate entries from a translation memory. Click here to download Okapi Olifant.

To remove duplicate entries, first flag these entries:

  1. Select the Flag Specific Entries command from the Entries menu (or press Ctrl+E). This opens the Flag Specific Entries dialog box.
  2. In the Pre-defined conditions list, select the Duplicate Source and Target condition.
  3. Make sure the option Reset flag before execute the selections is selected.
  4. Click OK to close the dialog box and run the command.
  5. When it is done, a dialog box displays the number of duplicated entries found.

To display only the flagged entries:

  1. Select the Set Filter for Flagged Entries command from the View menu.

To delete only the flagged entries:

  1. Select all displayed entries by pressing Ctrl+A.
  2. Delete the selected entries by pressing Delete.




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