Latvian Tilde presents new machine translation technology

Latvian Tilde presents new machine translation technology

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Language technology develope¬r Tilde ( will present its groundbreaking new machine translation technology LetsMT at the event ICT 2013: Create, Connect, Grow in Vilnius, Lithuania, from November 6-8. LetsMT performs significantly better than Google Translate for specialized documents and small languages, bridging the language barrier between nations and fostering the establishment of a digital single market, informed BC marketing communications manager at Tilde Ltd. Rihards Kalnins.


Tilde’s LetsMT machine translation technology was developed as a tool for overcoming the language barrier in the European Union, home to 24 official languages. Current technologies, such as Google Translate, perform poorly for specialized documents and small languages. In addition, the public is concerned about the confidentiality and security of texts translated by global providers.

To address this issue, Tilde united a consortium of leading universities and research centers to develop higher-quality and secure machine translation technology. The consortium was selected for support by the European Commission in the framework of the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme for ICT.

The resulting technology is an example of European success in addressing a challenge facing EU citizens in the digital era. LetsMT preserves the linguistic diversity at the heart of the EU while actively bridging the language barrier between nations, widely recognized as the final obstacle to establishing a digital single market in Europe.

“I am fascinated by the excellence of European researcher in the language field, which led to this technological breakthrough,” saysTilde CEO Andrejs Vasiļjevs. “We have seen widespread interest in this product from government, industry, and the public at large.”

ICT 2013, organized by the European Commission in partnership with the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the EU, is Europe’s biggest digital technology and innovation event. The event showcases the latest findings in advanced research, technologies, systems, innovation in services and business, and ICT products just coming to market. At the event, Tilde will present its new machine translation technology at exhibit nr. 42C in Hall 4 of LITEXPO.

Founded in 1991, Tilde is a leading European language technology developer with offices in all three Baltic states. In addition to the machine translation technology LetsMT, Tilde’s other popular language technology products include proofing tools, online dictionaries, and the market-leading Tilde Translator app for mobile phones and tablets.


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