Kilgray Language Terminal

Kilgray Language Terminal

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By introducing Language Terminal platform, Kilgray aims at offering added value for translators.

Here is what you can do with this fourth release of Language Terminal:

Task assignment. Use the Documents tab of project records to upload and assign documents to other Language Terminal users.

Vendors’ list. Search for and find fellow Language Terminal members, and add them to the list of your preferred vendors.

Search for language service vendors. Search Language Terminal for fellow users based on their language pairs, subject field expertise, translation tool experience, and many other details.

Professional details in your profile. Your clients can now find you on Language Terminal. Language Terminal stores and displays your language and subject field expertise, translation tool experience, association memberships, and your full curriculum vitae if you wish.

Project register for freelancers. Turn Language Terminal into your project register. Click Projects, create project records – and then you can put together quotes, send them to your clients, collect and send your delivery, and track the status of your projects. This service comes free of charge.

Back up your translation projects. If you have backed up your translation projects in the memoQ (.mqbkf) format, or you have them in a .zip file, store them here in the cloud, and restore them anywhere where memoQ runs.

Import InDesign documents with preview. Process Adobe® InDesign™ documents, and produce XLIFF files that have live preview in memoQ. Import native INDD files, not just IDMLs and INXs. (Caution: the output will be in the InDesign CS6 format.)

Light resource marketplace. Share your memoQ light resources with other Language Terminal members, and gain access to theirs. Save others from the effort to put together a complex filter configuration or segmentation rule, and save your time by using resources that others have made available.


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