Free Portable Application Suite for Translators

Free Portable Application Suite for Translators

Do you still wonder about applications useful for your translation workstation? You need to find free simple tools that can enhance your work and make your life as a translator easier, and you do not like installing too many programs on your machine. PortableCAT is a 100% free/open-source application suite for translators.

PortableCAT is a package of portable tools created by Silvia Flórez, who taught a course in open source for translation at Universitat Jaume I. In addition to general-purpose tools, text alignment, term extraction, file conversion, computer-aided translation, and project management programs among others are included. PortableCAT allows you to run applications with just a mouse click to run on Windows without needing to be installed.


PortableCAT 2013b includes the following open-source tools:

  • Ditto: clipboard manager and extender
  • Texter: text substitution utility
  • TES: terminology extraction suite
  • GoldenDict: dictionary lookup
  • LanguageTool: language checker
  • LF Aligner: text alignment
  • Notepad++: advanced text editor
  • LibreOffice: office suite (documents, spreadsheets, presentations…)
  • Okapi Rainbow: for various localization-related tasks
  • Okapi Ratel: segmentation rules (SRX) editor
  • Okapi CheckMate: quality assurance
  • Okapi Tikal: command-line tool for various localization-related tasks
  • OmegaT: translation environment
  • TextSTAT: text analysis and concordancer
  • TMXValidator: TMX validation
  • XLIFFChecker: XLIFF validation
  • DiffPdf: compare PDFs textually and visually
  • TaskCoach: project management
  • VietOCR: optical character recognition
  • Aegisub: subtitle editor
  • grepWin: regex-based search and replace
  • IniTranslator: translation editor for .ini files

To use PortableCAT on Windows-based machines:

  1. Download the zip file ( 490.7 MB; decompressed: 1 GB).
  2. Unzip the downloaded zip archive to the desired location.
  3. Open the main folder and run PortableCat.exe.
  4. The application launcher will start, displaying a menu and placing a black-cat icon in the system tray. This menu can then be accessed at any time by pressing Alt+C.


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