Bilingual Terminology Extraction

Bilingual Terminology Extraction

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Have you ever thought of creating a glossary using a bilingual terminology extraction tool, able to extract terms along with their translations from a Translation Memory?


SynchroTerm is a powerful tool for extracting terms and efficiently creating terminology records from source and target document pairs, bitexts and translation memories. Its user-friendly windows allow you to perform sophisticated extraction, search and context checking functions. With SynchroTerm, your translation archives become a gold mine from which you can quickly extract terminology.

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SynchroTerm Demonstration Video on YouTube:


Araya Bilingual TermExtractor

automated terminology extraction service which is based on a statistical method and results in bilingual term pairs. We extract them from your TMX files. The quality of the pairs found depend on the size of entries in the tmx file, the more entries the better results are gained.

As a result you receive a TBX or csv file containing the extracted terms. We can also offer other formats you may prefer.

Demo Link:

Araya Bilingualer Term Extraction Dialogue


Fluency (a CAT tool)

The terminology miner feature of Fluency allows terminology extraction from your translation memories.

Demo Link:

1- “Translation Memories” menu > “Import/Export Translation Memories”
2- “Translation Memories” menu > “Mine Terminology” > select “Source Language” and “Target Language” > click “Go” > “Tools” menu > “Mine Terminology from TMs”


SDL Multiterm Extract

We wanted to try the latest “SDL Multiterm Extract“; however, their sales people say there is no trial version.


Anyhow, there is no 100% accurate result; all of such bilingual terminology extraction tools require human editing.


Monolingual Terminology Extractors

Most CAT tools has monolingual terminology extraction as a built-in feature, e.g. memoQ and Déjà Vu X. Moreover, there are independent terminology extraction features on some other tools such as PlusTools, XBench, AntConcExPhr32 and PhraseMiner.


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