AmaGama Translation Memory Server

AmaGama Translation Memory Server

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What is amaGama? Well, it is a Zulu word that means “words“. Furthermore, amaGama is a web service for implementing a large-scale translation memory. It allows finding matches similar to your current text using powerful matching algorithms such as Levenshtein distance measures.

A public deployment of amaGama is available at:

amaGama also provides both a public API and a web search interface on top of the API, and is usable from Virtaal and Pootle. AmaGama translation memory server stores previous translations and provides translation suggestions. Corporates can deploy their own amaGama server to host their data internally.

amaGama is implemented in Python on top of PostgreSQL. The source code of amaGama is available at: GitHub. Installation and management documentation is also available for server administrators.

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