5 Websites for a Better Linguist

5 Websites for a Better Linguist

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On Translation International Day, we are celebrating the breakthrough translation made in the world, starting from making the far wide world approachable for all, till making it approachable for each.

Translators, interpreters and terminologists were, are, and will always be the unknown soldiers through history; they moved civilizations, transferred knowledge, widened minds, enriched cultures, and consequently, languages.

For this, we here provide the heroes with 5 websites that will help them enhance their skills and update their knowledge of today’s market.

  1. GALA

Globalization and Localization Association. GALA’s blog offers a wide knowledge about new automation systems, machine translation, translation tips. Furthermore, it holds contests and educational webinars. Not only this, but also, it helps project managers with some tips and advice for better management of projects.

  1. Taus

Taus blog is one of the best blogs updating translators with the latest trends in the translation industry. It even gives insights about today’s investment in the industry. In addition to this, they offer a variety of online courses with certification.

  1. Translationdirectory

This blog here offers a lot of thoughtful articles about the translation industry, helping to spread awareness about the terminology used and functions in the industry. Awesomely enough, it provided a lot of articles on different languages, to reach the maximum number of translators.

Moreover, it helps the freelancers to enhance their way in freelance translation services.

  1. Tekom

 Tekom is one of the leading translation and localization companies in the market. It highly spreads knowledge technically and softly.

Thus, it offers webinars, live events, updates and trends.

  1. Proz

Proz is the global hub of freelance translators in all languages, that’s why they give insights of the technological trends and professional development. They have a lot of articles addressing interpreter and translators. It guides them through their tools and gives them the advice to proceed surely in their career.

We wish all the heroes a fruitful career, and a productive international day.

Don’t hesitate to share with us the helpful websites that help you although.

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