Month: December 2018

Making machine translation work for us – part 1

Making machine translation work for us – part 1

It seems machine translation is not only a big trend in the translation industry, but it’s become something of a buzzword outside of the industry, too. Machine translation is not a new phenomenon; for decades, academic researchers have been looking into the possibility of using a machine to translate one language into another without human intervention.

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All About Transcreation

All About Transcreation

Transcreation ensures that your translated message matches the same marketing message as your original, but tailored for your target market.

You need to think carefully about your target audience and brief us on the brand message you are trying to put across to your customer. Read full article.

Career paths and roles in the localization industry

Career paths and roles in the localization industry

In general roles in the industry fall into the following categories:


  • Interpreters, translators, editors, language coordinators or reviewers, proofreaders.


  • QA, internationalisation engineers, Loc engineers, solutions architects, technical managers.

Business roles

  • Executive C-Level positions CSO, CEO, COO, CTO, CIO etc.
  • Operations manager/production manager or Group Manager. This can be the same position with any of these titles and typically involves heading up a group of project managers and leads.
  • Project managers – client and vendor side.


  • Business development managers, business development directors, Account Managers,
  • Regional sales Managers
  • Localization Strategist (This is a client side role similar to vendor-side solution architect).
  • Procurement manager – client-side role.
  • Vendor manager and resourcers.
  • Supply chain manager.

Career paths in Localization

In the localization industry there is a natural progression from one role to another, such as:

  • The linguist role can develop into project manager or localization QA. You could also work freelance and develop your own business.
  • Project managers typically move on to senior PM or operations manager, procurement manager, solutions architect or strategist.
  • Vendor manager will progress to HR, recruitment or group HR manager or possibly supply chain director.
  • Localization QA professionals will progress to localization engineer or internationalisation engineer.
  • Operations managers can develop into executive or strategist roles.
  • Sales executive can move on to senior sales executive, sales manager or executive.


The Logic of Localizing into African Languages [Podcast]

The Logic of Localizing into African Languages [Podcast]

How do you meet the demands for localized content on a continent where somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000 languages are spoken, particularly when many of these languages have no established writing system?

In this Podcast you’ll hear:

  • An overview of the most widely spoken languages in Africa
  • What companies need to know about African language localization
  • Differences between the written language and what people actually speak
  • Why many Africans speak one language at home and another at work
  • The role of the African lingua francas: Swahili, English, and French

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